5 Best Mountain Bike Brands

The 5 best mountain bike brands are those bikes that you want to be seen by all of your friends (and even your enemies!) as riding. These bikes will do a great job hauling ass up any mountain with your ass on them. You may also want to pay a premium for your bikes because you get what you pay for, after all.

  1. Trek. Trek is the best mountain bike brand, and it has a headquarters which sits in Waterloo, Wisconsin. It is a huge and super popular company with some 1700 dealers across the whole continent of North America; this brand is also sold through Asia and Europe. Some prominent cyclists like cancer-fighter Lance Armstrong have been known to ride Trek bikes for competitions as well as practice.
  2. Cannondale. Cannondale lands on the second spot on this list of the best mountain bike brands since it is a maker of bikes whose frames are top-notch, with many of their models sporting carbon fiber designs. In fact, Cannondale is famous for being the first to introduce the carbon fiber technology in mountain bikes. Founded all the way back in 1971, Cannondale has come a long way from its early days of just making bags and backpacks. Today, Cannondale is also known for making aluminum bikes.
  3. Pacific Cycle. Pacific Cycle deserves to be on the list just because it is such a big brand of mountain bikes–mainly because it has gobbled up many smaller bike manufacturers. Schwinn, Roadmaster and Mongoose now all come under the brand of Pacific Cycle. This mountain bike brand also stands out for the fact that it actually sells more bikes than any other bike maker around North America!
  4. Haro. Haro takes the fourth spot on this list of the best mountain bike brands because it is seen as one of the most sophisticated brands of BMX mountain bikes. Haro bikes reached a massive popularity with the growing exposure of extreme sports events like the X-Games that were broadcast on ESPN and also the Gravity Games. The company today sponsors famous extreme bicyclists like Ryan Nyquist.
  5. Ellsworth. Ellsworth completes this list of the best mountain bike brands due to it being a high-end manufacturer. Based in California, Ellsworth makes hand-crafted mountain bikes that are exquisite and beautiful, but which can also give great performance out on the roads and trails. This bike maker creates three classes of bikes: road bikes, free-ride bikes and then also trail bikes.
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