5 Best Mountain Bike Helmets

The 5 best mountain bike helmets are those helmets which you can count on to save your melon (and your runny brains inside of it) if you should be unlucky enough to fall while mountain biking. Wearing a helmet is probably the best and most important safety precaution you can take while you mountain bike.

  1. Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet. A reasonably priced helmet, the Giro Indicator is perfect for folks who want to use it for either technical or casual use.  A helmet that is also lightweight, this is the helmet you want guarding your noggin when you are mountain biking. With a snap-fit visor for more protection as well as cool style, the Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet has you covered on all fronts.
  2. Bell Variant Bike Helmet. The second-best mountain bike helmet comes from Bell, and it is a helmet that proudly features nineteen cooling vents that make sure that your head will always be kept in perfect temperature. For your artistic and creative side that is obsessed with aestheticism above all else, this variant bike helmet comes in a sweet range of colors to satisfy even the most fickle of tastes.
  3. Fox Racing Flux Helmet. The Fox Racing Flux Helmet is a mountain bike helmet with a lot of features. First, it has a rear spoiler and also a visor, an in-mold design, a detox retention system, and a shell with a deeper profile. Riders who use this mountain bike helmet mostly feel a lot of comfort as they wear this, which is mostly from the helmet's tightening system as well as its well-crafted shape.
  4. Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet. This mountain bike helmet by Schwinn is one that is heavy on features, so much so that you may not know where to begin. It comes with an adjust-webbing that changes the size of the fit to your head; a Dial Fit adjustable system; and a chin strap that is also flexible. All these features come together to make for one security-laden mountain bike helmet that will do its darndest for you while you are biking.
  5. Giro Xen Bike Helmet. Taking up the last spot on this list of the best mountain bike helmets is this Giro Xen Bike Helmet, just because its price tag may be a little bit too expensive for some folks. If you can afford it, though, you will be treated to the safety and aerodynamic design of a helmet which fuses a sturdy outer shell to its soft, EPS foam liner interior.
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