5 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

The 5 best mountain biking shoes are practical and affordable. Mountain biking can grow into a money pit. Finding affordable gear such as mountain biking shoes can be a great thing. These five best mountain biking shoes meet the need of the biker and the billfold.

  1. Lake MX330 Mountain Bike Shoe:  Sleek and ultra comfortable. These mountain shoes fit the bill with a superior out sole and durable insole. Vented to push moisture away from the foot and added padding in the ankle cinch for rider comfort. This is a great shoe built by a great manufactures of mountain bike shoes.
  2. Mavic Pulse Mountain Bike Shoe: These shoes are built with longevity and comfort in mind. Gill vented for cooling and keeping the foot dry. The bottom sole is built for peddle management and to reduce foot fatigue. These are very affordable and recommended, which provide years of support for the serious mountain biker.
  3. Five Ten Mid Impact Mountain Bike Shoe: These mid-high tops offer a new angle on mountain biking shoes. With superior ankle support and ultra comfort from stitching to padding added in specific location to adhere to the needs of rugged terrain. This is a wonderful shoe and is perfect for those looking for additional support.
  4. 661 Attack Mountain Biking Shoe: Looking for fit, comfort and durability in a mountain biking shoe? These shoes are one of the best on the market and fits well with these “competitor” best offering. Ultra light construction reduces foot fatigue and keeps the foot to the peddle. Very nicely priced for those looking for both quality and an affordable price.
  5. La Sportiva TC Mountain Bike Shoe: This shoe is beautiful. Arguably one of the best tempered mountain biking shoe, which promotes comfort, looks and practicality.  High laced with firm tongue keeps the shoe in position. The under sole keeps the foot on the peddle and comfort for the foot in motion. This shoe offers it all with a little higher price tag but still very affordable.
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