5 Best Mountain Bike Tires

Looking for the 5 best mountain bike tires? Mountain bike tires are a varied lot that contain many different assortments tailored to different applications. This list of the 5 best mountain bike tires will guide you towards understanding the fine differences among various mountain bike tires and their purposes.

  1. Continental Mountain King UST Tubeless Tire. This is a hardcore tire for the serious mountain biker. Well-suited for XC, all-mountain riding, trail riding or marathons, the Mountain King's name says it all. Kiss your pinch flats goodbye with its tubeless construction, to boot.
  2. Schwalbe Rocket Ron Performance MTB Tire. A mountain bike tire that is outfitted for speed, the Rocket Ron is lighter than other mountain bike tires and features a self-cleaning system courtesy of its open-tread pattern. A good buy combining value and speediness, the Rocket Ron is a strong addition to our 5 best mountain bike tires list.
  3. Maxxis Holy Roller 26" Tire. The Maxxis Holy Roller is a slick or semi-slick mountain bike tire, meaning it is geared (no pun intended!) for people who want to ride their mountain bikes on roads. Still, it comes with a semi-knob pattern that gives the tire grip on hard packed terrain and handles well on urban roads and can be used for such things as dirt jumping.
  4. WTB Weirwolf LT 29" Tire. Mountain bike tires in the 29" class are the biggest and baddest of all available mountain bike tires. The WTB Weirwolf epitomizes that, especially when considering that it is also 2.55" wide! Designed to be relatively fast while still maintaining a somewhat sharp tread, this tire also makes riding less hard and grips off-road riding areas well.
  5. WTB MotoRaptor Race Tire. Classified as a downhill or freeride tire, the MotoRaptor by WTB is made to be ridden in rougher conditions. A true all-mountain-purpose tire, the MotoRaptor has square knobs, an open tread and a radius profile, which enable it to successfully handle all manner of different soils.


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