5 Best Mountain Bikes Of 2008

Looking for the 5 best mountain bikes of 2008? There were many new technical upgrades to mountain bikes in 2008. Keep in mind that the most expensive mountain bikes are rarely the best bikes. Here is a list if the 5 best mountain bikes of 2008, and most of them are quite affordable.

  1. "Rockhopper Pro Disc" – This mountain bike is specked similar to a cross-country race bike, yet is designed to be an all around bike for the advanced mountain biker. The Rockhopper Pro Disc was a great value, and a bike that could be used not only on rocky cross country trails, but also as part of your daily commute on pavement.
  2. "Gary Fisher Superfly" – The Gary Fisher Superfly is a full carbon fiber framed 29er bike. This is one of the lightest mountain bikes with 29er tires, and if you can afford it then you will definitely have a competitive advantage over other riders.
  3. "Giant Maestro" -Giant redesigned the Maestro for 2008. The biggest change for the 2008 Maestro was that Giant made this bike 1 1/2 pounds lighter. Hydroforming was took to the extreme, and it allowed them to shave a lot of weight with the bike still being as strong as it was the prior year when it weighed more.
  4. "Trek Remedy 9" – This full suspension trail bike underwent a massive re-design. The Trek Remedy 9 features 6 inches of travel, yet is a very capable trail bike that can attack single track with ease, regardless of trail conditions.
  5. "Redline D660 29er" – The Redline steel mountian bikes are extremely popular, but the D660 was an aluminum bike frame. The D660 gave you all the benefits of the steel Redline 29ers along with extras such as more gearing options and a better front fork.
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