5 Best Mountain Climbing Boots

Here are the 5 best mountain climbing boots. When looking for mountain climbing boots, you're probably looking for the most sturdy, comfortable, and snow proof ones available. Not only that, but you are going to be looking for those that give you a firm grip on various terrains. Basically, you're wanting the best of the best. The mountain climbing boots below are definitely some of the best out there that give you comfort, sturdiness, support, and much more.

  1. La Sportiva Trango Evo GTX. This award winning mountain climbing boot is comfortable, lightweight, and has a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining that protects your feet from rain and melting snow without getting into your shoes. The best feature of this boot is it's 3D flex angle hinges that give you side flexibility without messing with your front pointing stability. Compared to other mountain climbing boots, the GTX is like a luxury in comfort and support and a shield from rain and snow all in one.
  2. Scarpa Jorasses Pro GTX. The Scarpa Jorasses has the versatility to make miles on rugged slopes in comfort. The articulated Flex point ankle on this mountain climbing boot offers solid boot protection without cutting off the range of motion completely, and the lightweight design, flexible cuff, and advanced mid-sole system ensures maximum comfort for long climbs and approaches. These boots are truly amazing and sure to keep you warm and dry, even if your feet are deep in ice due to the insulated comfort GORE-TEX liner in them. Yea, these boots are a must have for mountain climbing.
  3. Vasque M-possible Mountaineering Boot. The Vasque Mountain climbing boot was made for mixed climbing and steep ice ascents. For technical pitches, you just crank down these boots by turning the Boa dial and the loosen them up once you reach the belay. These boots super fabric upper block rocks, picks, and stray crampon points, along with the Thinsulate + Reflexion liner gives you a low profile insulation for cold mountain climbing days. The Carbon Fiber inside board gives you a lighter platform when on hard to climb routes, and the soft shell gaiter that comes with the boot keeps all the snow away. You won't have to worry about getting cold feet in these babies.
  4. Cabela's Mountain Hikers II Boots. These mountain climbing boots will take you through the nastiest and steepest ridges out there without the extra weight and bulk of other mountain climbing boots. Cabela's Mountain Hikers are a combination of waterproof leather and AIR 8000 uppers- a special laminate with enhanced waterproof and breathable properties to keep your feet dry and warm in wet and cold conditions. These boots block out water, scree, and debris due to the GORE-TEX membrane, and also gives you easy climbing on difficult terrain.
  5. Scarpa Men's Phantom Guide Mountaineering Boot. This mountain climbing boot has an Ergofit system that gives you omni-directional progressive flex for natural motion and rear landing locks for secure climbing performance. It also has maximum shock absorption for easy comfort while climbing harder steeps.
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