5 Best Mountain Climbing Games

The 5 best mountain climbing games are free games that are available on different internet sites. They are there to help you kill some time or even develop a skill level at problem solving. Some can even get addictive as all good games do, so watch out!

  1. Fjordenklimgame. A flash game from OY1 Games, this mountain climbing game puts you in the shoes (or is that climbing boots?) of a mountain climber who has to make his way up a mountain by jumping from rocky outcropping to rocky outcropping. This game is by a company from the Netherlands, but it is so easy to get used to that you'll be hooked in no time.
  2. Extreme Climber. With a name like Extreme Climber, you had better hope this game will kick you in the seat of your pants! This is a rock climbing game from Tea Games, and what you have to do involves you controlling a woman climber who must swing from peak to peak. This game is so simple that you'll be addicted in no time: All you have to do is move your woman climber by simply releasing and attaching the ropes on which she is swinging.
  3. The Return. Here, you control an alien whom you have to reunite with his friends in this mountain climbing game. With three difficulty levels ranging from normal to insanely hard, you have to control the alien and make him climb up a cliff.
  4. National Treasure. A game that is tied in with the Nicholas Cage movie National Treasure, this mountain climbing game empowers you to control Ben Gates. All you have to do is control him by jumping from ledge to ledge to reach the top of the cave before the water reaches you.
  5. Mountaineer. From Arcade Bomb, this is the first mountain climbing flash game, a true classic. The controls are simple as is the purpose of the game: You control a little dude mountain climber by dragging his hands and feet to new positions on the mountain. You will also have to dodge falling rocks.
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