5 Best Mountain Climbing Shoes 2010

Finding the best mountain climbing shoes can be a challenge, but with these 5 best mountain climbing shoes 2010 you will have a place to start. With so many different styles and fits, it sometimes takes some trial and error before you can find the best pair for your feet and for your climbing needs. If you are buying your first pair, make sure you shop at a reputable shop with a sales staff that is an experienced climber.

  1. La Sportiva Miura VS The Miura VS is one of the best mountain climbing shoes for technical climbing and bouldering. It is made with the P3 platform that has the down turned shape making it very good for steep overhangs. The heel has a great cup which also makes it great for heel hooking. Breaking them in can be tough, but once they are broken in they are good for almost any climb.
  2. Boreal Storm The Boreal Storm is one of the climbing shoes that is made for many different types of climbing. They are ideal for bouldering, sport climbing, and even indoor training.  Although not the best shoe for edging, they are very good for a slipper.
  3. SCARPA Stix The SCARPA Stix is one of the best mountain climbing shoes for all around climbing. They are flexible with sticky Vibram XS grip rubber. The majority of the shoe is made from suede, with leather in the areas where it is needed. They break in easily, and stretch enough for a good fit without becoming baggy. For a slipper, they also heel hook well.
  4. Five Ten Dragon For those who love steep climbing, the Five Ten Dragon is one of the best mountain climbing shoes. The toe has an extreme down-turn, with perforated rubber. It is a laced shoe that gives you power in both toe and heel hooking. These mountain climbing shoes are made for overhanging rock and perform like no other.
  5. Boreal Stingma These mountain climbing shoes are perfect for technical climbs. They are stiff enough to give you enough leverage on the smallest edges, and also provide a comfortable fit. These climbing shoes are the best shoe for not only sport climbing and bouldering, but also for competition climbing. 
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