5 Best Movado Sports Edition Watches

Treat yourself to something sporty and expensive with the 5 best Movado sports edition watches. When we were putting together this list, we began to notice that while these watches may be sporty, these are not the kind of sports watches that you want to wear to your next pick-up game at the park. Like everything else Movado makes, these sports edition watches are made with loads of stainless steel, 24k gold and diamonds. The best Movado sports edition watches may make you look silly on the basketball court, but of you need a watch to make you look sporty and posh, these are the watches that you need.

  1. Movado 606294 SE Extreme. This is the flashiest of the sports edition watches on this list. It has so much bling that we aren’t really sure why Movado decided to group this with the rest of their sports watches. It sports a stainless steel bracelet and a diamond bezel, with the trademark Movado dot at the twelve o’clock spot. It may be one of the best Movado watches, but we wouldn’t wear it on the court.
  2. Movado Junior Sport 605746. This sports edition watch makes the list of the best Movado watches because it lets you rock the classic Movado look with a little extra weight to it. It has a slightly heavier stainless steel bracelet than a regular Movado watch. It has a clean, black museum dial—no numbers—and the trademark Movado dot at the twelve o’clock spot.
  3. Movado Junior Sport 605968. This is the first of two Movado sports edition watches on this list that really look like sports watches. It has a wide, black face on a stainless steel bracelet, a chronograph and the trademark Movado dot on the bezel over the twelve. If the black face isn’t your style, it also comes with a white and silver face.
  4. Movado Junior Sport 605987. This is the only two-toned watch to make our list of Movado sports edition watches. It has a stainless steel bracelet with a strip of 24k gold going down the center of the bracelet. The solid black face is accented by a 24k gold bezel and a gold Movado dot at the twelve o’clock spot.
  5. Movado Junior Sport 606066. The second Movado watch on this list to have a chronograph, this watch is made of brushed stainless steel with a PVD finish. This gives the watch a matte black finish the belies its stainless steel strength.
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