5 Best Movado Wrist Watches

The 5 best Movado wrist watches are made by the Swiss luxury maker of premium watches, Movado. Meaning "always in motion" in the constructed international auxiliary language of Esperanto, Movado is dedicated to showcasing class, luxury and power on your wrist by way of their watches. The next time you are in the market for a time-keeping device that is more than a mere watch, look for Movado's 5 best wrist watches.

  1. Movado Artists' Series, Blurple Time. The Blurple Time Movado wrist watch takes the number one position due to how unorthodox it is. While it still features all that you love about Movado—razor-sharp time-keeping and high luxury—it also feature loads of character due to its purple graphic dial that is the handiwork of artist Kenny Scharf.
  2. Movado Eliro bracelet watch. Movado's Eliro bracelet watch features the time-honored Movado properties that you have come to expect and love from the brand. Featuring a rectangular and striking watch face, Movado's Eliro comes with the Swiss quartz movement that you depend on, which is why it sits at the number two position. It also features stainless steel construction and dial in all-black, which looks good against any background.
  3. Movado Esperanza vertical-link bracelet watch. The true epitome of both style and casual leisure, Movado's Esperanza bracelet watch is the watch you want to wear if you want to make a statement. A firm believer in the old saying that less is in fact more, Movado made its Esperanza as a study in simplicity accented by timeless design, which is why it deserves the number three spot.
  4. Movado Faceto. The Faceto bracelet watch by Movado is just the thing if you want to make a glitzy impression of gold-plated splendor. Covered in stainless steel with gold-plating, the Faceto features gold watch hands set in front of the ultra-striking and simple background of a jet black museum dial. This watch is ideal for a night out, or for any night.
  5. Movado Fiero Bracelet Watch. Movado's Fiero Bracelet Watch closes this list at number five because of its spartan design and hard and well-defined edges. A true piece of understated architecture, the Fiero boasts a metal tungsten carbide casing and a black dial that is accented by a lonely, single cabochon marker that is all the decoration you will need.
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