5 Best Movie Instrumentals

The 5 best movie instrumentals contain an unforgettable melody that last through the ages. One thing the top five all have in common is that each musical film score won an Oscar. The moment you hear the melody from this mix of tunes you will recognize the song and the movie it originally came from.

  1. "Love Story." This most haunting piano orchestral piece derived from the melodramatic film, “Love Story.” Musical score was written by Francis Lai. While the movie was somewhat forgettable the music was not which puts this on the top five best movie instrumentals of all time.
  2. "Jaws." If you place a blindfold on someone and then play the theme score to the movie, “Jaws” they will instantly guess it correctly. The pulsating threatening orchestral piece was composed by John Williams.
  3. "Star Wars." The dawning of a new age in filmmaking with the original first installment of “Star Wars.” The musical score captured the essence of sci-fi fantasy and was an exhilarating musical composition hit for John Williams.
  4. "E.T." The final moments of the movie, “E.T.” had everyone in tears and the music just carried everyone away into that fantasy world of space. One of the best five movie instrumentals of all time. Third time’s the charm as again the composer John Williams penned a score that set its mark in movie music history.
  5. "Chariots of Fire." This fine orchestral piece with brass instruments came from the movie, “Chariots of Fire.” Original score by Vangelis a new age musician hit the perfect spot for this Olympic theme motion picture. This unique best 5 music instrumentals has been used in as the background music in short film spoofs, athletic events and in many home movies.

There are many movie instrumentals that were original, pulsating, haunting or just plain campy fun. The top five on this list were in a word, unforgettable.

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