5 Best Movie Stars Of 1930s

Looking for the 5 best movie stars of the 1930s? The decade of the 30’s was a popular time for singing, dancing and acting in films, and hailed a variety of multi-talented people. Here are five of the best actors from the 1930’s.

  1. Clark Gable Clark Gable is by far one of the best movie stars of the 1930s. Not only did he have a stunning look on stage, but his voice was felt in the soul of every female viewer. Gable’s most widely known film was “Gone With the Wind”, and he had a leading role alongside Marilyn Monroe in the “The Misfits.”
  2. Greta Garbo Greta Garbo could pull off comedies and dramas, and was highly acclaimed in both the silent and talking film eras. She is an iconic addition to the list of the best movie stars of the 1930s. Some of Garbo’s best movies of all times include “Grand Hotel” and “Anna Karenina”. Garbo was also known as “The Face.”
  3. Ginger Rogers Another beautiful onscreen face is Ginger Rogers, star of “Flying Down to Trio” and “Kitty Foyle,” a role that earned her the Best Actress Award. Her raise to fame as one of the best movie stars of the 1930s included many of her musicals alongside Fred Astaire, including “Top Hat.”
  4. Fred Astaire Fred Astaire, a popular example of the best movie stars of the 1930s was also widely known for his singing and dancing routines. Astaire’s best known films included “Funny Face”, “Swing Time”, “The Towering Inferno” and “Top Hat.”
  5. Charlie Chaplin Funnyman Charlie Chaplin exhibited a comedy all his own, and was extremely versatile in both silent and talking films. Some of his best silent films included “One A.M.,” “The Kid,” and “The Gold Rush,” where Chaplin had to rely on his demeanor as a form of acting. Some of his best vocal roles included “The Great Dictator” and “Modern Times.” He belongs on any list of the best movie stars of the 1930s.
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