5 Best Movies About Adventure

The 5 best movies about adventure exist to make you glad for the experience of going to the movies and taking in a larger-than-life, visual feast for the eyes. They may not necessarily be the most intelligent or, you know, thought-provoking, movies ever made, but these five best movies about adventure don't demand that you use your brain in the first place. Just sit back, eat popcorn and turn off your brain for maximum enjoyment.

  1. "Jurassic Park." "Jurassic Park" takes the top spot on this list of the best movies about adventure because it brought the whole CGI graphics concept to the forefront in the most noticeable way ever. Before "Jurassic Park," you had to contend with movies that had–let's say–spotty graphics, but when you see this film's dinosaurs, you always come away with wonder at how totally real and lifelike their movements are.
  2. "300." The movie "300" reinvigorated the desire for grown men everywhere to walk down the street in a toga and tunic, for sure. Loosely based on the historical last stand by the Greeks against the invading, eastern Persians, "300" is an orgy of violence presented in an ultra-enjoyable, graphic novel-style manner. It is also based on the graphic novel of the same name.
  3. "True Lies." The third-best movie about adventure is "True Lies" back from 1994, when the Governator (Schwarzenegger himself) was still likeable and not a deficit-raising governor. The movie was about Schwarzenegger playing the very dramatic and Oscar-worthy role of a mild-mannered-seeming suburban guy who is really a secret agent working for Uncle Sam! With Jamie Lee Curtis showing ample cleavage in some scenes, back when she was still hot instead of hawking digestion-aiding yogurt products in TV commercials as she mostly does now, "True Lies" has its moments.
  4. "The Dark Knight." While "The Dark Knight" has unluckily been overshadowed by Heath Ledger's performance (mainly due to his drug overdose death), you have to realize that this adventure movie is great simply because of the pure, comic-book experience that it delivers on film. That is why it comes in as the fourth-best movie about adventure, for starters. It also features the cool (and some would say asinine) dynamic of Christian Bale only "talking" in growls as Batman…to symbolize how close to being over the edge, or something like that, the character is.
  5. "War of the Worlds." This 2005 movie starring Tom "Couch-Jumper" Cruise is not that highly rated, which is a total crying shame for it is one of the best adventure movies of all time. Based in part on the classic radio broadcast that scared a worrisomely high number of people several decades ago, "War of the Worlds" stars Cruise as a devoted and loving father who succeeds in protecting his kids in the film and safely getting them through the nightmare of the aliens' attack.



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