5 Best Movies About Mermaids

5 best movies about mermaids was not that complicated because you can count the movies about mermaids using both hands. These films are the best of the best.


  1. "The Little Mermaid" (1989) This animated film was made when Disney was in its prime. Classic characters in this film are Princess Ariel the mermaid, Sebastian the singing crab that should have been a spokesperson for Red Lobster, Ursula the ugly sea witch that is jealous of Princess Ariel’s looks, King Triton that is a blatant rip-off of the Greek God Zeus and the incompetent father of Princes Ariel, and other cool characters. Children did not catch the sexual innuendos of “the Little Mermaid” like the golden penis in the castle of gold where King Triton lived. “The Little Mermaid” is by far the best film ever made about mermaids.
  2. "Splash" (1984) A overlooked classic starring one of the greatest actors of the 20th century, Tom Hanks, and Darryl Hannah, the 50 foot woman (oops! Wrong film!). Daryl Hannah is cool for one reason and one reason only; she can get away with having a male name and look gorgeous simultaneously. This film is directed by critically acclaimed director Ron Howard and co-starring the late,great John Candy. “Splash” is a romantic comedy most men can see and not feel violated. Daryl Hannah was the perfect fit for playing an irresistible mermaid.
  3. "The She Creature" (1956) A cool film, that is so bad it is good, about a stupid hypnotist that brainwashes (hypnotizes) a beautiful vixen back to her prior life as an evil mermaid. The hypnotist did not know that his female subject was a cold-blooded murderous hussy and she is now terrorizing the city (good job, dweeb!). This film is a “B” movie and the “B” means "brilliant". “The She Creature” was remade in 2001 and it was butchered horribly. Newsflash: the original is always better than the remake or sequel.
  4. "Night Tide" (1961) Another 1960’s classic film that stars Dennis Hopper. Hopper meets this beautiful mermaid at some freak show carnival and he falls in love with her. A few murders occur and Hopper begins to have strange dreams about his High school crush. Hopper then realizes that this mermaid is killing everyone before midnight and he must stop her before she gets worse. This film is a real killer!
  5. "Miranda" (1948) What is up with all of these evil mermaids? There are not many mermaid films to go around and the majority of them have a female mermaid seducing and murdering people. Oh, the horror! This 1948 masterpiece begins with a doctor that wants to fish, but his wife does not want to participate. The doctor goes on a holiday trip by himself to the coast and he snags a mermaid. The aftermath of the doctor pulling the mermaid out of the water is gruesome. She takes him prisoner and she flirts with all the men in town. What a hussy! The end…
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