5 Best Movies Like ‘Bolt’ Released On DVD

The 5 best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD are all animated family comedies that are timeless classics. "Bolt" is about a movie star super dog that gets shipped to New York by accident and thrown into the real world. The five best movies like "Bolt" also deal with someone entering an unknown world and having to find their way home. New adventures, new friends and heartwarming stories are all traits these movies provide. The best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD can be enjoyed by all ages, so no one will ever be left out of your household on movie night.

  1. "Bee Movie" Released on DVD in 2008, "Bee Movie" is like "Bolt" because both movies are comedic family movies. The movie revolves around Barry B. Benson, a bee who finishes college and realizes there are few career choices. He gets the chance to venture outside his hive and almost dies, but is saved by a woman. The pair strike up a friendship and she opens his eyes to the human world. This movie is one of the best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD because they both have themes of leaving your comfort zone and adventuring out into the world. Bolt only knew studio life before being shipped into the world and Barry had only been inside in hive before graduating college.
  2. "Wall-E" An emotional and heartfelt tale about robot WALL-E is one of the five best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD. WALL-E has been building things for 700 years before mankind leaves Earth because of pollution. WALL-E is left behind and does the only thing he knows how: compacting trash and building. The adventure animation film has little talking, but is overpowering with emotion. This is one of the best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD because in the end, WALL-E discovers he is more than just a builder like Bolt discovers he is more than just an actor.
  3. "Toy Story" The groundbreaking "Toy Story" movie was the first full-length animated feature film to be created by artists using tools and technology creating a 3D effect. This is one of the best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD because both movies are family comedies that used 3D effects. "Toy Story" is about a Andy's toys and how they come to life when he is not around. They are led by Woody until Andy gets a new toy, Buzz Lightyear. The two toys strike up a rivalry, but soon find themselves coming together when they get stranded in a neighbor's house. This is one of the best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD because in both stories the main characters have to find their way home.
  4. "Finding Nemo" One of the best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD is the animated family comedy "Finding Nemo." The story is about a fish named Marlin and his son Nemo. Marlin is overbearing and never let's Nemo deep into the ocean. On a dare, Nemo goes deep into the ocean and ends up being caught! Marlin goes on an adventure to get him back.
  5. "Monsters Inc." Pixar animated family comedy "Monsters Inc." is centered around how monsters really do exist and they feed off screams to power their city. By accident, a girl gets let into the monsters world, so monsters Sully and Mike try to get her back home. This is one of the best movies like "Bolt" released on DVD because the girl, Boo, is in a world different from her own and Bolt was suddenly introduced into the uncharted real world.



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