5 Best Movies Buster Keaton

Wondering about the 5 best Buster Keaton movies? Known for his slapstick comedy and his grimly trademark face in movies, Buster Keaton is one of the best earlier film stars who made the transition from silent films to sound in the 1920s. Showing versatility in his work and the ability to connect to his audience made Keaton well loved and gave him great success during his career. Read about the five best movies Buster Keaton made throughout his career.

  1. "The Cameraman" (1928) The Cameraman is one of the five best movies Buster Keaton has made. It is a mix of comedy, romance and drama that proves Keaton was an ultimate star. Keaton stars as an aspiring photographer seeking work in his field but much to his dismay, his boss does not take him seriously and just passes him off as a goofball. To add to his problem is his competition, Stagg, an arrogant photographer who willingly pursues Keaton's crush. "The Cameraman" takes Keaton on an adventure he never thought to encounter along with a helpful little monkey by his side.
  2. "Spite Marriage" (1929) Another film where Keaton plays Elmer Gantry, a star struck dry cleaner in love with beautiful stage actress Trilby Drew. Drew will deal with devastation as her boyfriend runs off with another woman. Hurt and clearly not thinking straight, Drew asks Elmer to marry her to exact revenge on her ex. The two embark on an unusual honeymoon. Drew's loss and a series of unexpected turns happen that could either make their marriage stronger or continue to fall apart.
  3. "Free and Easy" (1930) This is the first talkie film for Keaton where he easily made a transition to sound unlike most silent film stars. Keaton plays Elmer Butts. Manager-to-beauty-queen Elvira Plunkeett whose strong headed mother, Ma Plunkett, believes her daughter has what it takes to make it to Hollywood. While on the trip with mother and daughter, Elmer meets handsome Hollywood actor Larry Mitchell, who in turn is in awe with Plunkett, which eventually pose a problem for the lovesick agent. While trying to do good with Mama Plunkett and trying his best to do his job, Butts somehow ends up as a comic actor in a movie he did not intend on doing and tries to win the heart of Elvira. "Free and Easy" was a nice movie with few dance numbers performed by Buster showing his acrobatic skills.
  4. "The Playhouse" (1921) One of the funniest shorts Keaton made in his earlier career. This short is basically a one-man minstrel show where Keaton played a conductor, the entire orchestra and attending audiences members both male and female, each showing interesting yet amusing personalities. A few moments later, Keaton is shown in bed sleeping as if he only dreamt about the entire event. Keaton not only pulls off every character, but as a woman chaser, clueless that the woman he tries to pursue is a twin and is flirting with the disinterest one. "The Playhouse" only shows a preview of what had lies ahead of Keaton’s acting career in the future, making him one of the best movie starts and comedians of the 1920s.
  5. "The General" (1926) Directed and written by Keaton himself, this movie is one the most popular Buster Keaton film to date. The actor plays Johnny Gray, a railroad engineer visiting his girlfriend, Annabelle Lee, in Georgia just in time when the Civil War started. Lee encourages Gray to join the war because she cannot be with him unless he wears a uniform. Gray is turned down because he is told he'd be worth more as an engineer than a solider.
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