5 Best Movies Like ‘Coraline’ Released On DVD

The 5 best movies like "Coraline" released on DVD prove that director Henry Selick's stunning achievement in stop-motion animation wasn't the first film to delve into an imaginative secret world or profile the colorful character populating it. Coraline's breathtaking visuals and engaging story definitely created a unique viewing experience, but these similar titles offer an opportunity to recapture certain aspects of the movie.

  1. “Labyrinth” Unlike other childhood favorites, the continued adoration for Jim Henson's 1986 classic is not solely based on nostalgia. Despite a few dated costumes and synthesized music cues, the film holds up because of its awe-inspiring production design and its simple but effective story: Fifteen-year-old Sarah must navigate a perilous labyrinth before the Goblin King turns her baby brother into one of his minions. Henson was known for high quality family film and “Labyrinth” could be one of his best.
  2. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Before“Coraline,” director Henry Selick collaborated on this 1993 hit with producer Tim Burton. While the stop-motion isn't quite as refined, the look and feel is unmistakably similar. Like “Coraline,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a family-friendly film with a bit of a dark side. It also puts a spin on the fish out of water concept by focusing on the monsters entering our world instead of the other way around.
  3. “Monster House” One of the best movies like “Coraline” released on DVD is this 2006 computer animated horror/comedy. It follows the exploits of three children who believe there's a haunted house on their street that's eating people. When no one believes them, they enter the house themselves and discover it's not just haunted by ghosts—it is the ghost. Despite utilizing cutting edge motion-capture technology, the style and tone of “Monster House” is actually a throwback to '80s movies like “The Goonies” and “Monster Squad.” Like "Coraline," the children in the film find themselves taking matters into their own hands when their parents can't see the truth.
  4. “Alice in Wonderland” Just like the main character in “Coraline,” Alice finds herself transported to a fantasy world that isn't quite what it seems. While there are many versions of this classic story, Tim Burton's 2010 adaptation exhibits the same quirky sense of humor and visual flourish that “Coraline” boasts. The premise for "Coraline" was clearly heavily influenced by Lewis Carroll's original story, even though it ultimately diverges into darker territory.
  5. “Pan's Labyrinth” Guillermo del Toro's 2006 masterpiece is probably far too intense for younger viewers, but it's similarities to “Coraline” are striking. The protagonists in both films are young girls who travel in and out of an alternate world that grows exponentially more dangerous. The gorgeous cinematography and astonishing creatures of “Pan's Labyrinth” easily make it one of the best films like “Coraline” released on DVD.
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