5 Best Movies Like ‘The Dark Knight’ Released On DVD

Looking for the 5 best movies like "Batman Dark Knight"? “The Dark Knight” not only raised the bar for comic book movie adaptations, it also transcended the stereotypes of its genre and became one of 2008's most acclaimed films. Although Batman will inevitably enjoy further adventures on the big screen, you don't have to wait for the next sequel to watch a movie with a similar feel. There are numerous films that have quite a bit in common with Christopher Nolans' blockbuster, but these are the five best movies like “The Dark Knight” released on DVD.

  1. “Batman Begins” If you're looking for the best movies like “The Dark Knight,” a good place to start is with Nolan's first Batman film, “Batman Begins.” Designed as a franchise reboot that operates in a different continuity than previous Batman films, “Batman Begins” eschews the overly-stylized look of past entries and grounds the mythology firmly in reality. Like “The Dark Knight,” the film is heavy on action but not at the expense of character development. Earlier Batman films focused primarily on the villains, but "Batman Begins" centers around the events that lead to Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl. More importantly, it shows the consequences of that decision.
  2. “Watchmen” Many fans considered a film adaptation of Alan Moore's seminal graphic novel to be impossible, but director Zack Snyder was undaunted by the challenge. “Watchmen” deconstructs the entire superhero genre and examines what it truly means to be a hero. Fans of “The Dark Knight” will appreciate the film's thematic complexity and exploration of moral dilemmas. Despite the colorful skin tight costumes and slick visuals, "Watchmen" is not a traditional comic book movie. It's a piece of art that's intended to start discussions and leave you thinking about it long after you've watched it.
  3. ”The Untouchables” A large portion of “The Dark Knight” was dedicated to the struggles a small group of heroes endure as they attempt to bring down the entire mob. One of the best movies like “The Dark Knight” released on DVD covers similar territory. “The Untouchables” follows federal agent Eliot Ness as he handpicks a team to help him cripple Al Capone's criminal empire. There might not be any capes or masks, but the story follows similar beats.
  4. “The Departed” Martin Scorsese's brilliant 2006 film centers around a mob informant being placed inside the police department while an undercover cop is simultaneously placed inside the mob. Crooked cops and corruption aren't the only similarities “The Departed” has to “The Dark Knight.” The film also deals thoroughly with the subject of dual identities and how easy it is to get lost inside of them.
  5. “Heat” It might seem like an unusual comparison at first, but Michael Mann's crime epic is the best movie like “The Dark Knight” released on DVD. Christopher Nolan frequently mentioned that he had used “Heat” as a template when creating “The Dark Knight.” Not only did Nolan utilize a similar visual palette in his film, the two movies also have a great deal in common thematically. “Heat” looks at the unending battle between good and evil, the ambiguity of those terms and the lack of easy answers. Fans of “The Dark Knight” should definitely check it out.  
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