5 Best Movies Like ‘Madagascar 2’ Released On DVD

The 5 best movies like "Madagascar 2" released on DVD are fun movies for the entire family. "Madagascar 2" seemed to be modeled after similar movies and was wildly popular because of the funny talking animals. If you liked "Madagascar 2," here are the five best movies like "Madagascar 2" released on DVD.

  1. "The Lion King" The plot of "The Lion King" is very different from "Madagascar 2," but both movies have cute animals you can fall in love with. "The Lion King" was a surprising hit for Disney and this movie continues to be popular with fans of all ages. "The Lion King" has funny moments, but is more of a feel-good drama-style movie.
  2. "Ice Age: The Meltdown" The crazy animals from the first "Ice Age" movie return to make another. Sid, Manny and Diego return and the interaction between these characters is very funny and reminiscent of the funny animals from "Madagascar." Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel also returns and is struggling to keep a hold of his acorn as usual.
  3. "Happy Feet" Mumble the Penguin could of easily been a character in "Madagascar 2." The tap dancing penguin will remind you of the silly characters in "Madagascar 2." This flick may appear cheesy to some older viewers, but if you liked "Madagascar 2," you will also enjoy "Happy Feet."
  4. "Madagascar" The first "Madagascar" movie was not as sharply written or animated as "Madagascar 2" was, but it was just as amusing. If you liked "Madagascar 2," the first "Madagascar" is one of those DVDs you have to buy because your family will enjoy watching this movie over and over.
  5. "Open Season" "Open Season" is an extremely funny movie. If you liked the crazy animal antics in "Madagascar 2," you are sure to love "Open Season." Animals that are normally hunted band together to fight back against the hunters.
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