5 Best Movies Like ‘Mamma Mia’ Released On DVD

If you love musicals then you’ll love this list of 5 best movies like “Mama Mia” released on DVD. Musical adaptation to film is nothing new, however, with better choreographers and set designs today’s musicals take place in fabulous elaborate locations that sweeps us away into a fantasy land of music, song and dance. Not only were these musicals box office hits but also a few have been nominated for best motion picture award.

  1. “Hairspray” Full Screen Edition released in 2007. A plethora of A-List actors starred in this story about a cherubic teenager back in the 60s who lands a spot on a local TV dance show. As a five best movie like “Mama Mia” released on DVD this film swings from crazy songs to dance numbers out the whazoo!
  2. “Chicago” Wide Screen Edition released in 2003. Another star-studded cast in a musical adaptation set during the prohibition, 1920s. Story about two female prisoners on death row. Not as light hearted as “Mama Mia”, but did receive an award for best motion picture.
  3.  “Dreamgirls” Two-Disc Showstopper Edition released in 2007.  Traveling again back in time to the 1960s as three black female soul singers cross over to the pop music. This musical cast one of the biggest names in the music world and the music was simply out of this world!
  4. Moulin Rouge!” 2-Disc Collector’s Edition released in 2003. A sultry love triangle between a writer, a singer, and a Duke. This musical is the tragic love story set to song.
  5. Phantom of the Opera” Two-Disc Special Edition released in 2005.  Mystery surrounds a disfigured man who wears a mask who trains a young protégé whom he loves. This tragic love story had some of the most beautiful music on film.

Not all musicals were light and fun such as “Mama Mia” but each one on this list had incredible music, unforgettable songs and some fantastic dance numbers. Each musical adaptation most memorable and a prize piece to have in any DVD collection.

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