5 Best Movies Like ‘Role Models’ Released On DVD

If you’re interested in the 5 best movies like "Role Models" released on DVD, check out this list. The movies below are all comedies that show what happens when immature men must take on the duties of childcare. The antics that occur are hilarious.

  1. “Big Daddy” Adam Sandler stars as a super slacker who one day has a five-year-old dropped off at his doorstep in this movie released on DVD. Like “Role Models,” the movie contains some raunchy elements and shows all the things men teach children that would horrify mothers: spitting, tripping people, and working as babe bait.
  2. “Three Men and a Baby” This classic ‘80s movie shows the trials of parenthood for a man, and is one of the best movies like “Role Models” released on DVD. It’s a little less raunchy than the latter film, but still contains plenty of hilarity.
  3. “School of Rock” This best movie is very similar to “Role Models.” Jack Black plays a hard living, wild musician who finds himself teaching music class to a private elementary school. He at first fails miserably and acts entirely inappropriately, until he has the kids ditch the school curriculum and form a rock band.
  4. “Kindergarten Cop” An early Arnold Schwarzenegger film, this movie like “Role Models” has The Terminator playing a tough-as-nails cop who somehow ends up undercover as a kindergarten teacher. He makes children cry and is unable to tame a ferret, but ultimately, he becomes an awesome teacher.
  5. “Kramer vs. Kramer”This movie released on DVD is less comedy and more drama, but it is very similar to “Role Models” in its plot, since Dustin Hoffman plays a father who is the absolute opposite of a role model to his son. When his wife walks out on them both, he must slowly learn how to become a father. His many mistakes along the way are both funny and poignant.  
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