5 Best Movies Like ‘Taken’ Released On DVD

Action packed from beginning to end, what are the 5 best movies like "Taken" released on DVD?  Starring Liam Neeson, the man is dynamic and keeps you moving along with him, as he makes every move a little more intense than the previous one.  He is filled with energy and makes you want to grab the enemy along with him in each scene.  Not many movies are as action filled and dynamic as "Taken", but here are a few:

  1. "Hostage" – Starring Bruce Willis as Chief of Police Jeff Talley.  In this action packed thriller, Chief of police Talley leaves the crime filled big city for a smaller town where he feels he can settle down to a more peaceful life.  However, what is considered a small town crime escalates into a volatile situation that requires more from him than ever before.  He has to draw on his skills as a negotiator to such a degree every skill experienced in his previous career is expended.
  2. "Transformers" – A Steven Spielberg production, the movie "Transformers" is based on a teenager who becomes involved in a war between machines who disguise themselves as everyday machinery.  One set is evil, known as the Decepticons, and the other set is good, known as the Autobots.  The battle is on for the evil machinery to outwit and overtake the good.  
  3. "Obsessed" – Starring Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba and Ali Larter, the film centers around a woman who is eerily disoriented in a world of her own.  She becomes obsessed with an asset manager who has no interest in her other than on a professional level.  She takes his minor gestures of approval as interest and begins to claim them as romantic gestures. So begins the chain of events that leads to a wife who will have no part in her man being stalked. 
  4. "Man on Fire" – Starring Denzel Washington as a bodyguard (John Creasy) who seems to be somewhat disillusioned and fed up with life.  A wealthy Mexican businessman has been advised by his attorney to hire a bodyguard to safeguard his family especially his daughter.  He hires Creasy who really does not want to take on the job, but needs the money.  He forms a relationship with the daughter of his boss and so begins an amazing sacrifice.
  5. "Eden Lake" – Starring Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender as stranded vacationers on a remote lake.  They are approached by a group of teenagers who are up to no good.  The teens begin to harass the vacationers and in their attempt, their belongings are destroyed.  A fight ensues, a knife is drawn and injuries occur.  Tempers flare, and from there, death by fire occurs.  This is one of the better movies of 2008 and it really keeps you on the edge of your seat. 
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