5 Best Movies Like ‘Wanted’ Released On DVD

The 5 best movies like "Wanted" released on DVD contain many of the same elements that made "Wanted" (2008) so popular. Whether it is the strong female lead exemplified by Angelina Jolie or the innocent guy that gets caught up in a dangerous situation, there are several movies that offer similar plot elements to "Wanted" (2008) available on DVD. If you enjoy action movies, then check out the 5 best movies like "Wanted" released on DVD.

  1. "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" (2003). Kate Brewster (Claire Danes) is dragged into the intense world of John Connor (Nick Stahl) as the Terminator (Arnold Schwazenegger) has to save both of them. Brewster and Connor are dragged through a world they do not understand to an ending they do not agree with in this entry into the list of the 5 best movies like "Wanted" (2008) released on DVD. "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" (2003) was released on DVD in 2003.
  2. "Eagle Eye" (2008). "Eagle Eye" (2008) is about to people that are thrown together by an unknown force and they must fight enemies they cannot see in order to survive. The ploy winds around for a while before it gets to the point, but the movie is very much one of the 5 best movies like "Wanted" (2008) released on DVD. The DVD was released in 2008.
  3. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001). Angelina Jolie stars in "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001) where she also plays a strong female lead in an action movie. Jolie's character is often referred to as the female Indiana Jones, and has similar kinds of adventures to the Harrison Ford character. The DVD was released in 2001.
  4. "Walking Tall" (1973). All Buford Pusser wanted to do in "Walking Tall" (1973) was live his life as a small town sheriff. But the local criminal network wanted him out of town and soon Buford was involved in a life or death struggle. It is based on a true story and one of the better movies in the list of the 5 best movies like "Wanted" (2008) released on DVD. It was released to DVD in 2003.
  5. "Live Free or Die Hard" (2007). Matt Farrell (Justin Long) is a computer hacker that tries to make a few extra dollars by creating some top secret code. When he gets his apartment blown up instead of paid, he winds up in the care of detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) and the adventure begins. This movie came out on DVD in 2007.
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