5 Best Movies Like ‘The Wrestler’ Released On DVD

Film fans, be sure to check out the 5 best movies like "The Wrestler" released on DVD. "The Wrestler" is about a retired wrestler who is about to make a comeback that could very well kill him. Here is the list of the best movies like "The Wrestler" already released on DVD.

  1. "Requiem For A Heavyweight," 1962. Requiem's well developed characters makes it one of the most memorable sports dramas of all time. Just like the movie  "The Wrestler," this story is about a washed-up fighter who has more courage than sense, and his shady manager who uses him to make money.
  2. "Raging Bull," 1980. This movie is based on the career of middleweight boxer Jake LaMotta, like  "The Wrestler," it has been cited as being one of the best films of its decade. The story centers around the period in which Jake goes against pressure from the mob, in an attempt to get an honest title fight with Sugar Ray Robinson.
  3. "Somebody Up There Likes Me," 1956. This movie is based on boxer Rocky Graziano's rise from poverty to a respected champion. The story is said to be an accurate depiction of Graziano's days as a petty criminal, and his eventual belief in his fists as a means to making an honest living. In the movie "The Wrestler," the main character wanted to leave the sport as a respected champion.
  4. "The Great White Hope," 1970. This movie is a thinly veil account of heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson's trials and tribulations. After being arrested, imprisoned, and denied fights after his released, Johnson accepts a fixed fight in exchange for his criminal charges being dropped. But once the fight in Cuba begins, Jake decides he wants to win this last big fight.  The main character in "The Wrestler" wanted to win one last big fight.
  5. "Rocky," 1976. This fictional movie won several Academy A wards, including Best Picture. It is very similar to "The Wrestler." Rocky follows a once promising heavyweight boxer, who after taking nickle and dime fights and running strong-arm errands for loan sharks to survive, gets a shot at the title.
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