5 Best Multi Gyms In America

The 5 best multi gyms in America are so diverse amongst themselves that the pre owner will have to do his research in order to find the correct gym for him. Here is a list of the best multi gyms that people often use:

  1. Bowflex PR1000 Home Multi Gym is one of the best gyms around because it is known for the power rods that have replaced the free weights to work out. The idea that you can obtain muscle without worrying about the stability of lifting a heavy weight over your head is less frustrating and makes people want to use this gym. For people who want to add strength training to their cardio routine, this gym is perfect. The maximum weight on the rods is 210 pounds, but the rods start out as light as five pounds for the beginners. Another reason why this gym is one of the best is because it stores easily away after usage.
  2. CAP Barbell Home Multi Gym will give your body a complete workout at a reasonable price. This is one of the best multi gyms around because you will see the results after using this gym. The toning and muscle building exercises that this gym offers is unlike any other multi gym because of the 150 pounds of cement stack weights that you will endure to obtain the body you are looking to achieve.
  3. Body-Solid G5S Home Multi Gym will use minimum space though it offers over fifty different exercises and has 210 pounds of weights ready for you to use. This gym has a multi-grip press arm that features three pairs of handgrips to work different angles of the upper body ensuring to see faster results. This gym is one of the best multi gyms because multiple people can use it at the same time, which is great for families that want to work out together. From space saving gyms that fit in any room to home fitness centers with state of- the-art designs that can handle multiple users, Loaded with over 50 exercises and a 210 lb. weight stack, the G5S is the perfect gym for someone looking for maximum versatility in minimum space.
  4. Powerline BSG10X Home Gym with Leg Press  is easy to assemble and can be installed in any room. This is one of the best multi gyms because of the versatility this gym offers it users. The BSG10X realizes that people come in different sizes and so it has multiple seat adjustments to accommodate any user. Over fourty different exercises can be utilized with this gym to assist you with meeting your fitness goals.
  5. Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym is an easy to use gym that comes with an instructional video for those who are have problems starting a new exercise routine. This gym is unlike other multi gyms because it features more interchangeable exercises that are easy to do without switching out different parts of the machine. This multi gym does not offer free weights like the other gyms but instead it comes with Total Nitrocell Technology that has two nitrogen-charged cylinders to create the resistance needed for the proper workout routine. 
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