5 Best Murder Mystery Board Games

It's a dark and stormy night, and well, it could be and everyone's in the mood to play one of the five best murder mystery board games. The game is afoot so you will need to keep tabs on the suspects, murder weapons and be suspicious of everyone. You can enjoy hours of entertainment playing a good old fashion mystery board game without plugging into the internet. Set up a few candles, dim the lights and play!

  1. Clue. For more than 50 years the world over has enjoyed guessing "Colonel Mustard with the candle stick in the billiards room.” Six suspects, six weapons and nine rooms. From  three to six players, ages nine and up. This classic murder mystery game turned into movie tops the list of the five best murder mystery board games of all time.
  2. 221B Baker Street. There can't be a best five murder mystery board game list without having the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. This London based board game has been around for 25 years. The game takes you through the streets of London trying to solve the most intriguing cases of Sherlock and his sidekick Watson. For two to six players, ages fourteen and up.
  3. C.S.I. Based after television hits show, “C.S.I.” in this game you get to play a crime scene investigator. DNA evidence, interrogation techniques and visits to the crime lab put you dead center of a true mock investigation. For two to four players, ages thirteen and up.
  4. Alibi. You must solve who did it, where the crime occurred and what the motivation was behind the crime. For three to ten players, ages ten and up.
  5. Dexter. Based after the hit cable show “Dexter," in this game you explore the streets of Miami in hunt of a killer who’s slipped through the cracks of the judicial system. Who will find the killer first? You need two to four players, but it’s not suitable for younger players. Each player should be about seventeen, in order to truly enjoy this five best murder mystery board game.
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