5 Best Mutual Funds In India

Here are the 5 best mutual funds in India. Mutual funds in India are slowly making their marks in the world, their services cover personal loans up to health insurance. The list includes public sector banks as well as private mutual funds in India. One of the best parameters that can tell whether an institution is worthwhile is the rate of returns that are generated by these mutual funds. Another is the number of branches that they are able to set up locally as well as internationally.

  1. Banks remains a trend in mutual funding. State bank of India is one of the front runner in making a wave off the banking and mutual funds institutions. The bank makes up for about 32 branch banks scattered all over the world and over 16000 branches locally. It is one of the reasons why it comes in the top five best mutual funds in India. Not far behind is the Bank of India. It has 3140 branches that are transacting locally while the other 27 branches are just outside India. It was established in 1906.  The bank is also among the first ones that were able to set up their online banking facilities.
  2. Private mutual funds companies are also able to acquire good feedback. One of the leading mutual funds is L & T Tax Advantage Fund. Now, this institution banks not on the number of branches it have but on the high returns that it can muster. The institution was able to reach a high return of 52% in one year from their lower 8.36 % in six months.
  3. Franklin India Taxshield has also made a strong bond with its members albeit being in just a relatively weak gain. Still, the focused approach of the company has made it one of the most trusted. Being on a large cap plan, however, has made this one that can not cope up with its competitors. Thus, it is no surprise that mid-cap and small-cap returns are great contributors.
  4. One other contender in the best mutual funds of India includes HDFC Tax Saver Fund which had just opened to small cap and mid cap in August 2002. The company has a very strong hold with its impressive portfolio since then. There is a growth of over twelve times over the last two years. Recent events of high returns rate of 44 % in a year, has made it even stronger than some of its leading competitors.
  5. Another leader in mutual funds corporations is one that has the ICICI Prudential Tax Plan. It has about 12% returns in one year. At the same time, even if it has only been out in the market since 1999, there is steady increase in its returns as well as other important parameters. Thus, many are still wary of its volatility, but then, this has been observed to level off at the span of three years.



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