5 Best ‘Mythbusters’ Episodes

Indulge you inner science geek with the 5 best “Mythbusters” episodes. Even if you were never into science when you were in school, you can’t help but get sucked into the “science is cool” vibe the is created by “Mythbusters.” Special effects gurus Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take folklore, myths and urban legends and put them to the test of science. Sometimes proving that the things that sound the most far-fetched can sometimes be true and the things that we have believed to be true since we were kids are nothing more than hot air. In the end it doesn’t matter if a myth is proven, plausible or busted, watching the “Mythbusters” blow things up is a good way to spend an hour of your day.

  1. Cell phone gas station– The myth in question on this episode of “Mythbusters,” was if cell phone usage could cause a gas station to explode. However it isn’t the science that makes this an awesome episode of “Mythbusters,” it’s watching Adam Savage singe one of his eyebrows off. His reaction to his damaged brow-line is one of the highlights of reality TV history. Adam’s only concern is that his eyebrow is going to look weird for his date the next day.
  2. Brown Note– This episode of “Mythbusters” that explored the elusive brown note. A frequency that is so low, that hearing it will make you poop your pants. Sadly this myth ended up being busted, which is too bad because we were looking forward to causing random accidents in the mall.
  3. Diet Coke and Mentos– A classic “Mythbusters” episode that explored the science behind why Mentos cause Diet Coke to explode. In a way that would have done Bill Ny “The Science Guy” proud, the “Mythbusters” explained why the science worked and spent a lot of time blowing things up with killer Diet Coke Mentos fountains.
  4. Vodka Myths– Over the years the “Mythbusters” have done a lot of episodes about uses for the precious nectar, also known as vodka. The best “Mythbusters” experiment with vodka involved trying to turn the cheap swill that we normally drink into top shelf vodka using household water filters. And while we are still disappointed that we can’t change the gut rot in the fridge into some of Mother Russia’s finest, it’s nice to know that we can soften it up enough that we don’t have to worry about chasers.
  5. MacGyver- For their 100th episode the “Mythbusters” crew decided to delve into the world of the 1980s spy classic “MacGyver.” It was disappointing to know that MacGyver probably couldn’t have made an airplane from a cement mixer, trash bags and paper clips, but it was still fun to watch the mythbusters try.
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