5 Best NBA Rivalries of All Time

The 5 best NBA rivalries of all time helped to make the game more exciting.  Each time rival teams meet on the court, millions of fans tune in to see the battle.  Here in no particular order are the five best NBA rivalries of all time.

  1. Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.  The best NBA rivalries of all time has to include the ongoing beef between the Celtics and Lakers. Each year, the Celtics and the Lakers would clash on the basketball court in some of the most memorable match-ups in NBA history. Larry Bird against Magic Johnson.  Robert Parish against Kareem Abdul Jabber. Kobe Bryant against Paul Pierce. These were classic matches that will forever live in infamy.
  2. Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers and Bulls seemed to be locked into a dance that went on season after season. Each year the Cavaliers would run on to the court full of heart and get squashed by the Bulls.
  3. Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks. One of the best NBA rivalries of all time involved the Pacers and Knicks. Although the rivalry is not as alive as it once was, it was electric in its heyday. 
  4. Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets. The Lakers are champion feuders. Their rivalry with the Rockets makes the list of best NBA rivalries of all time because of the hunger of the Rockets. The Rockets were looking for their own chance to be champions while the Lakers were trying to hold on to their established place in NBA history.
  5. Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. A list of the best NBA rivalries of all time would not be complete without including the Pistons and Bulls. The Bulls had one of the best players in the game with Michael Jordan. The Pistons had players such as Isiah Thomas who knew they were going straight to the Hall of Fame in the future. Both teams were extremely physical and aggressive in their play.

There are many more teams that have a history of rivalries. Although some are great, none can compare to the ones listed. 

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