5 Best Neutral Running Shoes

If you are the lucky one who has a normal arch and doesn't overpronate (roll toward the inside of your foot) or oversupinate (roll toward the outside of your foot), then you are a neutral runner.  Luckily there are a lot of running shoes for your type. You want to find the best neutral running shoe.  Here is the 5 best neutral running shoes:

  1. Asics Gel Kinetic 2 – Asics Gel Kinetic 2 is a great neutral running shoe.  This shoe is designed to enhance the foot's natural gait from heel to toe. The Gel Kinetic series are always sleek and sturdy.  This shoe absorbs shock and adds stability while looking cool.
  2. Adidas Adistar Ride – Adidas Adistar Ride is Adidas's most comfortable neutral running shoe.  Adistar Ride is great for the neutral runner who wants to build up his mileage. This shoe also has NoSeam fit and memory foam so it fits perfectly to your foot every time.
  3. Brooks Glycerin 8 – Brooks Glycerin 8 is new and improved if you follow the Glycerin line. It also won the Runner's World Editor Choice Award for Spring 2010. This shoe is very versatile and great for those who are looking for maximum cushioning.
  4. New Balance MR882CU – New Balance MR882CU is a roomy neutral running shoe.  This shoe is made with a roomy toe box that makes for a cushioned and comfortable ride.   It focuses on where energy is needed and is lightweight and responsive.
  5. Nike Lunarglide+ – Nike Lunarglide+ is the ultra lightweight neutral running shoe.  This shoe has excellent shock absorption and secure midfoot fit.  Also Nike Lunarglide+ is winner of Runner’s World Best Debut. It is worth a try. 

Spring is always a great time to run.  Now you have some ideas for what shoe might work for you.  Go out and run!

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