5 Best New Punjabi Sad Songs

The 5 best new punjabi sad songs are all very emotional and moving. They are great to sink into an emotional mood while also appreciating the sounds of a beautiful culture. The tune and the lyrics of all these songs relay a true, deep sadness.

  1. "Rehen de ni" by "Hans Raj Hans": This song expresses such a deep sadness that listening to it alone is a tearjerker. The song is moving and emotional, as is the passion with which it is sung. This is undoubtedly one of the top 5 best new punjabi sad songs.
  2. "Nazran ton Gir Gayi" by "Sardool Sikandar": This song starts slow to become a melancholic faster pace. The fusion of instruments is a beautiful parallel to sad and moving lyrics. The singer is clearly expressive and moved by the story he sings.
  3. "Mumtaj" by "Inderjit Nikku": The listener cannot help but appeal with Inderjit's lyrics. They are painfully sad and sympathy cannot be avoided. This song's beauty makes it one of the 5 best new punjabi sad songs.
  4. "Dukh Bol Ke Je Dasya" by "Hans Raj Hans": When listening to this moving song, you cannot stop from feeling the pain and agony. If you are looking for an emotional sad song, this is the piece for you. It is a musical masterpiece.
  5. "Dila Meriya" by "Nachhatar": You can hear the pain in Nachhatar's voice throughout the entire song. You will find yourself stopping tears while listening to this emotional masterpiece. It is clearly one of the 5 best new Punjabi sad songs.
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