5 Best Nike Analog Watches

Nike does make analog watches, so learn about the 5 best Nike analog watches. Analog watches are less common than Nike digital watches, but you can still obtain one. Here are the five best Nike analog watches:

  1. Nike Analog WR0020. This Nike analog watch is a very basic model. This watch features a "Quick time" read on the display. The wristband is designed with an S-curve for maximum comfort. This watch is also water-resistant. You can use this Nike analog watch for working out or for wearing casually.
  2. Nike Torque SI Analog Watch. This analog watch is made from titanium. This Nike watch looks professional, but it can also be used for running or other sport training where you can utilize the interval timing feature. The Nike Torque also has a backlight and is water-resistant.
  3. Nike Mettle Press Analog Watch. The Mettle press Nike watch is designed for comfort and durability. The face is made from mineral glass crystal and the wristband is made from polyurethane. The polyurethane strap is built to be similar to the shape of your wrist. This best Nike analog watch is water resistant up to 100 feet.
  4. Nike Triax Swift 3I Analog Watch. This performance analog watch is made with an aluminum face and is easy to read while you are running or working out. The Triax Swift is built to last and it is scratch-resistant.
  5. Nike Oregon Analog Series Watch. This Oregon Series analog watch has a leather wrist strap and an aluminum face. The dial is blue and medium sized. This analog watch is ideal for casual and sports wear. This watch also comes with a two-year warranty.
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