5 Best Nike Basketball Shoes With No Arch

These are the five best Nike basketball shoes with no arch. They are great if you are looking for a truly flat shoe when playing basketball. Consider these for whether you play professionally or recreationally.

  1. Nike Free 5.0: These shoes are intended for running, but will work great for basketball. They are truly flat, and provide just enough support for your feet. They are great and loved by those who have bought them.
  2. Nike LunaRacer +2: These women's shoes are flat and great for a game of basketball. The design is also attractive, featuring a variety of bright colors such as neon green and pink. These shoes are one of the five best Nike basketball shoes with no arch.
  3. Nike High Le: These shoes are great if you have a toddler trying to learn basketball. The shoe has no arch and is great for supporting the child's feet. They are great shoes for the basketball beginner. They are one of the five best Nike shoes you can find to play basketball and other sports.
  4. Nike Sweet Classic High: These shoes have a high rubber sole, but are still completely flat. The perforations make the shoe truly breathable for high performance basketball games. It is durable and has exceptional comfort for the wearer.
  5. Nike Blazer Mid: This shoe is also flat and is a great design for basketball playing. The shoe features a cushioned midsole and footbed. It is truly one of the five best Nike basketball sneakers with no arch. It is also great for everyday wear and general activities.
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