5 Best ‘Nip Tuck’ Season 5 Scenes

The 5 best "Nip Tuck" Season 5 scenes relate to the season of "Nip Tuck" that had an unconventionally long interval between episodes. The season ran for almost one-and-a-half years and took a break of almost one entire year in between the showing of all its episodes for that season. Still, Season 5 of "Nip Tuck" had more than its fair share of memorable scenes as you will read.

  1. Dominatrix. In the first episode of Season 5, Sean meets the dominatrix, played by that babe of Wayne's World fame, Tia Carrere, who happened to inflict gruesome wounds on him when the last met. This scene takes the top spot because of the look on Sean's face when he encounters this same women who, let's say, worked him over pretty good last time.
  2. Breast Reduction Nun. In the Season 5 episode titled "Dawn Budge II," the audience gets to meet a nun who is seeking a breast reduction surgery, something that probably is not all too common for nuns around the world to be concerned with. For this shocking, distressingly funny, and borderline blasphemous way of getting the audience to think about nuns, this scene takes the number two position.
  3. Fetish Biter. In the eleventh episode of Season 5, Christian has the unfortunate luck of having to confront the kindergarten teacher of Wilbur. Now, this teacher has a particularly sinister fetish, she actually is known to bite the children in her "care." The ensuing scene with their confrontation was all it was cracked up to be, humorous, dark and also witty. That's why this scene sits at number three.
  4. Wheelchair Sean. In the long-awaited episode that commemorated the end of the weird hiatus in mid-season of Season 5, the audience sees the aftermath of the murderous attack on Sean by Colleen. Now confined to a wheelchair, Sean is seen filling the role of a lecturer at a medical school. For this stark depiction of the aftermath of a stabbing, this Nip Tuck Season 5 scene gets the four spot.
  5. Open House Sex. In the episode entitled "Budi Sabri," the audience gets to see more of Sean's unrelenting and wild dalliances with his new anesthesiologist, Teddy. This culminates in a scene where the two of them have unaccountable and indecent exposure-type sex in an open house of all places.
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