5 Best ‘Nip Tuck’ Season 6 Scenes

The 5 best "Nip Tuck" season 6 scenes are those scenes that made this final season of the TV show so memorable. Though the TV series is now just a memory and concluded in March of 2010, you can still relive this FX gem in reruns or on DVD. Until then, you will just have to make due with a detailed run-through of the best scenes from Season six.

  1. Deal with Dr. Hamoui. Guest star Mario Lopez's Mike Hamoui was a one-time rival for both Christian and Sean during "Nip Tuck's" run, but the economic recession forces them to cut a deal with him in which he can use their surgical facilities in exchange for driving business their way. For this real-life reference of a bad economy, this scene takes the number one spot by far. Bet you never heard of vaginal rejuvenation surgery before this scene, either!
  2. Problem Son. In the second episode of season six of "Nip Tuck," viewers met a pair of distressed parents who desperately wanted the services of the plastic surgeons because of their son's disturbing problem of having Satanic images and words tattooed all over his head. For disturbing viewers with this sinister concept, this scene from the second episode takes the number two spot.
  3. The Mime Bandit. The scene where the Mime Bandit hits the headlines in season six will forever be etched in viewers' memories because of how it served as a segue into how both Christian and Sean start asking questions into the quantity of money that Matt is making through mime. For this ingenious use of metaphor and comparison to make a point about making money , this scene deserves the number three spot in this list of standout scenes in "Nip Tuck's" season six.
  4. Ken and Barbie Replicas. In episode eight of season six of "Nip Tuck," viewers get to meet patients Skip and Tracy, who have been on an ongoing quest to modify their bodies to increasingly look like Ken and Barbie. The couple requests plastic surgery to remove Tracy's nipples, a gross request to say the least. Sean saves the day by telling Tracy to simply experiment with her sexuality, something viewers of "Nip Tuck" won't be surprised by. You tell her, Sean!
  5. Auto-Erotic Christian. In the thirteenth episode of the final season of "Nip Tuck," Christian begins to experiment with the self-destructive, kinky self-sex act of auto-erotic asphyxiation, the same thing the late David Carradine was said to have done before he died. This scene takes the final spot on this list because of how Christian finds a moment of enlightenment through this act and manages not to suffocate himself instead.
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