5 Best ‘Nip Tuck’ Season 7 Scenes

The last episodes of the highly controversial show, “Nip Tuck” season 7, came along with great expectation among the audience and quite a few surprises. “Nip Tuck” developed interesting and shocking cases in every episode, and the characters didn’t let us down. "Nip Tuck" follows the life, events and relationships of two highly sought after plastic surgeons. Each season has an explosive amount of twists and cliffhangers that leave viewers wanting more. Nothing is as it seems in the life of those who make a living off of modifying human appearance. Here some of the best scenes of “Nip Tuck” season 7.

  1. Julia leaves the country with her children. Julia, Sean’s ex wife, comes back to L.A. for Matt’s wedding, and brings huge news. She is now engaged with a man who resides in London, and plans to move into England with him. She also plans to bring Annie and Conor with her, for this she asks Sean for the legal authorization. After several arguments, Sean agrees into giving the legal permission for them to move to England, leaving Sean totally alone and depressed.
  2. Ava leaving Raphael. This season, Ava appears once again in L.A. but this time she brings a baby along. She claims to have adopted baby Raphael, but later we found out that she actually stole him, basically because her records wouldn’t make her suitable for adoption. Baby Raphael has several cuts and scars on his face, and Ava tries to convince Sean an Christian to perform surgery to him. When she finally convinces Sean, he tells her that even after 5 years of surgery, the scars wouldn’t go away. This drives Ava into the decision of leaving the baby, despite of her love towards him; she does not want to go through with the hard life of having a “different” kid, a baby that wouldn’t be easily accepted in a world dominated by beauty and perfection.
  3. Kimber’s suicide. After the failure in her marriage with Christian, Kimber tries to restart her also failed relationship with Mike, another plastic surgeon she had left before to be with Christian, but Mike seems to be not interested in her anymore. They go on a boat ride with several models, all of them around Mike, and Kimber realizes that she’s alone one more time, so she jumps off the boat into her death.
  4. Matt going away with Ava. When Ava comes back to L.A. with baby Raphael, she uses Matt one more time, to convince Sean and Christian to perform surgery to her baby. By this time Matt committed to be married, and on the day of his wedding he takes off with Ava, but not for long. When Ava finally got what she wanted, she dumps Matt and tell him she was never in love with him. You would think this would be enough for Matt to learn, but not really. Once Ava abandons baby Raphael, and is getting ready to leave on more time, Matt shows up at the airport with his daughter, and asks Ava to let them go along with her so that they can start a new life together.
  5. The goodbye. Sean is alone and depressed without his family, and decides to keep baby Raphael after Ava abandons him. He is also unhappy with the direction his career and business is going. Christian is aware of this, Julia warned him about it, and even Kimber on his dreams, so he decides to split their partnership and Sean decides to leave with the baby and start over. Their last scene together is at the airport, when Sean and Raphael are leaving, and Christian is letting go off his best friend, for his own good. This seems like the perfect closure, but there’s more. Christian then goes to the bar, and orders a drink, there she meets a hot blonde, and he drops the same line he did with Kimber, back at the first season, where everything started.
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