5 Best Nissan Pickup Trucks

The 5 best Nissan pickup trucks are both old and new models from the esteemed company. All told, they are true demonstrations of the excellence and reliability of the workmanship that has gone into the Nissan pickup trucks. If you are looking for a dependable pickup truck, you could do worse than these babies.

  1. Nissan Titan. The Nissan Titan is the best Nissan pickup truck because it is a full-size pickup truck that is ideal for all your hardcore moving and transporting needs. With its mighty powertrain, the Nissan Titan had a lot of potential behind its launch, when it was said to actually stand for the biggest threat to American trucks in a long time. Nissan is sure to make the customers feel like king in that it offers good choices for buyers of this truck: two cab styles (crew and king) and four choices of trim.
  2. Nissan Frontier. If you want a sweet ride that is capable of making the driver feel in control and comfortable both offroad as well as on the road, then buy a Nissan Frontier. This combination of adaptability in two environments is a rare benefit indeed, no matter if the vehicle is a car, truck or SUV, which is why the Nissan Frontier deserves the number two spot on this list of the best Nissan pickup trucks.
  3. Nissan Navara. The Nissan Navara is the third-best Nissan pickup truck because it has the option of going diesel! Many Navara models come with the option of a turbo diesel engine to really boost your power and tear up the offroad circuit. These Nissan pickup trucks are also really built to tow heavy loads and ensure you succeed at that because its towing capacity is a whopping 3000 kilograms.
  4. Nissan Hustler. The Nissan Hustler is a smaller and more compact pickup truck that Nissan started in the 1990s to directly compete against Toyota. Sold across the world, you might still see many such Hustler Nissan pickup trucks around, especially since they are known for their endurance as well as reliability. As recently as 2008, they were still being made in Mexico, but their production has almost ceased so the company can focus more on Titan and Frontier.
  5. Nissan Atlas. Flatbed pickup trucks like the Nissan Atlas are not that common, yet they still deserve the spot as the fifth best Nissan pickup truck on this list due to their uncommon appearance. These pickup trucks look like a combination of a normal pickup flatbed with a delivery truck's cockpit. The engine size on these babies is quite impressive, coming in at 3000cc, so if you want a truck that has a lot of carrying power, this is it for you.
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