5 Best No Iron Dress Shirts

Are you wondering what the 5 best no-iron dress shirts are? While there are a lot of no-iron dress shirt brands available, price is not an indicator of which will hold up the best. Some no-iron dress shirts will hold up better simply due to the treatment of the fabric.

  1. Brooks Brothers. Traditional, regular or slim-fit shirts from Brooks Brothers are made of pure cotton and are treated to hold up throughout the day without a wrinkle. Brooks Brothers no-iron dress shirts come in solids, stripes or plaids. Wearers rated these as one of the best shirts to remain wrinkle-free.
  2. Lands' End. Lands' End guarantees their no-iron dress shirts will remain wrinkle-free, yet the crisp pleats will remain pressed for 25 washes on the tailored cut shirts, and 50 washes on the traditional cuts. The Lands' End line is pure cotton fiber on both the tailored and traditional cut shirts and comes in a wide array of colors.
  3. L.L. Bean. Seems everyone is in agreement on the L.L. Bean wrinkle-resistant no-iron dress shirts. They develop no wrinkles, are a great fit and are comfortable. L.L. Bean has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their no-wrinkle dress shirts. They come available in long and short sleeve and in cotton or twill fabric. Many great patterns and colors are available.
  4. Stafford. The Stafford Performance Wrinkle Free no-iron dress shirts are getting rave reviews. The Stafford Wrinkle Free shirts are available at a middle-of-the-road price in lots of great colors and patterns.
  5. Red House. Red House's no-iron button-down shirts made of cotton are also getting excellent reviews from men. Red House's patterns and pinpoint Oxford dress shirts are made of 100% cotton with a breast pocket.



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