5 Best Notre Dame Football Players Of All Time

Notre Dame Football has had a lengthy and illustrious career and these 5 best Notre Dame football players of all time contributed to the Notre Dame reputation. The The "Fighting Irish" began their first season in 1887 and have produced an honorable record of 837–290–42 (.734) with 11 National Titles. Producing many All American players and future Pro Football stars, Notre Dame has become a top choice for future professional players. Notre Dame has become synonymous with a winning tradition and honor among its players.

  1. JOE MONTANA. Arriving in 1974 to Notre Dame University, Joe was give no playing time until 1975. During his first game in 1974 against North Carolina, Joe played in only one minute of the game. His final tally was 129 passing yards and a touchdown giving Notre Dame a 21-14 win over North Carolina. Before becoming a NFL Hall of Fame quarterback he became “Comeback Joe”, pulling Notre Dame out of sure losses leading his team to victory after victory and earning the right to be called one of the best Notre Dame football players of all time.

  1. TIM BROWN.“Touchdown Timmy” set the record for rookie receptions with 28 in 1984. Brown finished his time at Notre Dame in 1987 with 137 receptions which was a school record, 5,024 total yards, and 22 touchdowns. Tim debuted with the Los Angeles Raiders in 1988 and became a 9 time Pro Bowler in his storied career making him one of the best and one of the most popular Notre Dame players in franchise history.

  1. RAGHIB ISMAIL. Nicknamed “The Rocket”, Ismail burned through defenders in the late 1980's and lead the Notre Dame football team to a National Title in 1988 under Lou Holtz. Known as one of the best Notre Dame football players of all time, Ismail was a key element in the success of the team throughout his tenure as a player earning him All American status twice. “Rocket” played for the Canadian Football League and the National Football League, having success in both leagues, he retired from football in 2002.

  1. ROSS BROWNER. This Notre Dame football great played at Notre Dame from 1973 until 1977 in the Defensive End position. In 1976 and 1977 he became an All American and won the Lombardi Trophy, given to the nation's best lineman and the Maxwell Award , given to the nation's best player and won the UPI Lineman of the Year Award, becoming the only player ever to win it two times. Browner became a first round draft pick in 1978 being selected by the Cincinnati Bengals, and had a wonderful career including setting the Super Bowl record for tackles by a lineman on defense at Super Bowl XVI. Browner is considered one of the best Notre Dame football players of all time with his defense ability.

  1. GEORGE GIPP.“Win one for the Gipper” is a famous quote in sports and it's all thanks to George Gipp who had said that in a quote to Knute Rockne on his deathbed. Gipp played from 1917 until 1920, the year that he died at age 25 from a throat infection. Gipp played many positions including halfback and quarterback. Gipp is considered the best all around player in Notre Dame history and one of the five best Notre Dame football players of all time. On December 14th, 1951,George Gipp was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

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