5 Best Nude Latina Models

There are no hotter women in the world than the 5 best nude Latina models. They come from across the Latin world but all of them share certain qualities such as big breasts, great tans, dark eyes and beautiful butts. Any hot Latina model has to be seen completely naked to be truly judged, and these saucy young women have allowed the men of the world to see all that they have to offer. There are many other hot Latina models and hopefully they will be inspired by the site of these nude beauties so that the pool of contenders for the best nude Latina models can be increased to include ever more stunners on an annual basis.

  1. Rebecca Ramos. She is a veteran in the world of nude Latina models but age has not affected her thus far. She remains the hottest nude Latina model in the world. She has absolutely enormous boobs and she could easily give Salma Hayek a run for her money. She has bared all frequently for "Playboy," and is now one of the hot "Playboy" housewives. Her face looks far too prim and proper for a nude model, which is what makes her irresistibly sexy.   
  2. Rebecca DiPitero. From the veteran to the rising star, the sultry Rebecca DiPietro is one of the best nude Latina models. Despite the age difference, one thing she has in common with Ramos is a bulging bosom that would keep any man smiling for decades. She has a darker complexion but lighter hair than Ramos and is very slim, other than her giant knockers. The Latin world should be very proud. 
  3. Francesca DeMarco. Another woman who does not look like the type to be a nude Latina model but like Rebecca Ramos, she is an absolute delight when naked. She is an American of Latina descent and she has a preppy all-American cheerleader look that is very easy on the eyes. Her boobs are better than average and she has a nice hour glass shape that will excite men everywhere.   
  4. Lynn De LaRosa. She is another "Playboy" stunner and she has all the right assets to be one of the best nude Latina models ever. She actually looks a bit like Janet Jackson when she smiles, which is not a bad thing. She has great breasts and even though she is fairly small, she has a very shapely frame. As with everyone on the list of the best nude Latina models, she is at her best when without clothes. 
  5. Angi Mari Yangas. An author and a nude Latina model, she has brains and beauty. No man could ask for more than what she has to offer. Tall with delightful boobs that suit her frame and a flawless body that looks great when she is totally nude, she is less voluptuous than the other women in the list of the best nude Latina models but she is equally sexy.
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