5 Best Nude Plus Size Models

Plus-size modeling is a growing trend in the fashion world, being led by the 5 best nude plus size models in the business. They have been gaining popularity for several years now since everyone is more open to re-considering what is attractive. “Glamour” magazine recently caused a stir when they published photos of several models that don’t conform to the usual model standards of size three and below. Some of those models were:

  1. Lizzi Miller. Miller’s nude, unairbrushed pictures in “Glamour” started the most recent controversy in plus-size nude modeling.  Her picture, which shows her only in a thong and a smile, was greeted by immense enthusiasm from the readers of the magazine. Many of them wrote that they had grown tired of seeing unrealistic portrayals of women whose size did not represent the majority of women in America who looked to magazines such as this for tips and advice on fashion and personal style. Miller’s 5’11”, 180lb frame may not be a traditional size for a model, but for a lot of women, it is a realistic one.
  2. Crystal Renn. She is probably one of the most known nude plus-size models who transitioned from an early career of traditional modeling at the age of fourteen and 95lbs to developing an eating disorder trying to stay thin. It was only when she allowed herself to gain 70lbs that she regained her confidence and rocketed into fame as a plus-size model, doing shows for Torrid, Dolce and Gabbana, and Lane Bryant. Renn also wrote a book on her experiences in the industry and her own struggles called “Hungry” in 2009 that became a hit.  
  3. Nancy Hayssen. Coined by some in the industry as “the next Anna Nicole Smith” (minus the crazy, we hope), Hayssen shocked TV viewers of “The Insider” when she proved that she is one of the best nude plus-sized models in the business by stripping down and showing her body off in all her glory. While she said she prefers the term “Plus Size Perfect” and “Full Figured Fabulous”, she believes the trend in the last twenty years of models moving from size eight to zero has been bad for women in general and created an unrealistic ideal for many to emulate.
  4. Anna Nicole Smith. Undoubtedly the most famous nude plus-size model of them all, Anna Nicole also led a troubled life growing up in a broken home, surviving domestic violence from her first husband, drug addiction due to the number pain killers she took, to an early death at the age of 39. However, when she ruled the catwalk, there was no one like her. Her days working as a spokesmodel for Guess and later Lane Bryant elevated her to the status of icon. Smith was also the one of the only plus-size models to grace the pages of “Playboy”, not once, but several times.
  5. Whitney Thompson. She is known by many as the only nude plus-size model to win at Tyra Banks’ reality show “America’s Next Top Model”. Surprisingly, her disdain for the traditional modeling industry is almost as famous as she is. Thompson once told an interviewer that the editors of “Vogue” should be ashamed that they haven’t made more of an effort to display women of all body shapes, rather than having one issue a year that focuses on it. She is also a model who puts her words to action as a spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association, where she holds herself up as an example that girls can be successful if they choose to be without having to conform to unrealistic notions of what is attractive.
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