5 Best NYC Acting Schools

The top five acting schools in New York City are  exceptional in their contributions to the creation of the arts. Not only do they provide a way for actors and actresses to develop their talent  on an increased knowledge base they are dedicated to the community as well. These particular schools believe in the contribution of everyone as important and needed to create the best pieces of art in the theater, film and television.

  1. Kimball Act Better Studio This close-knit acting school is different from the other acting school as more increased personal attention is given within its classes. This school is one of the top 5 schools in New York City because of its individual attention to students. Its small place in the New York City primarily lead by Kelly Kimball instructs within a small classroom of 8 to 12 students, in which students get a more increase comprehensive view and teaching of acting within the theatre. 78 Fifth Avenue.10th floor New York, NY 10011
  2. Circle in the Square Theatre School This acting school began in 1961. Its primary goal is to train actors and actresses to become professional in theatre, film and television. After finishing this program the actor and actress will have acquired the ability to perform several areas of theatre, television and film having received support from the outstanding performance from which this theatre school has been known. This diverse classroom makes this school one of the  5 best acting schools in New York City. The understanding of a role in acting is the primary objective within this school. It's no wonder this school remains one of the best acting schools in New York City. 633 Broadway at 50th Street,New York City,NY 10019

  3. Ted Bardy Acting Studio This acting school gives motivated beginners, advanced actors and working professionals a chance to become one of the talented people to learn more intensely the role of the actor and actress in theater. Motivation and professionalism based, this school, remains one of the top 5 acting schools in New York City. The “Meisner Technique” is taught at this school. The “Meisner Technique”  can be outlined into three phases which starts with becoming vulnerable within the arts to learn acting, emotional preparation, and the self evaluation of the student to know if he or she is ready and wiling to act on a committed basis within the theater. Ted Bardy works individually with students and also supervises the classes and workshops pertaining to the school of acting. 153 West 27th Street, Suite #301 | New York, NY 10001

  4. The Actors Theatre Workshop This acting school is a non-profit theatre company dedicated to create the effects of the conflicts and perils of society. Original design of classics and contemporary pieces of staged art are introduced within this program.  The classical and contemporary design of this school make it one of the top 5 acting schools in New York City. The artists learn the craft of acting and writing including teaching others while liberating creative expression. This theater exhibits the creation of the arts within all people including the homeless. 145 West 28th Street, 3 Fl., New York, NY 10001

  5. New York Film Academy  The New York Film Academy Founded ten years ago believes in the development of artistic talent drawn from anyone who has the ambition to make films. The school originally opened in Robert De Niiro’s Tribeca Film Center. The dedication to the arts and professional atmosphere has created this school to be one of the best 5 acting schools in New York City.. Today this film school is located in its own building called “Tammany Hall” and also ahs a facility located in Universal Studios in California. 100 E. 17th Street New York, NY 10003


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