5 Best Oahu Bodysurfing Beaches

Becoming knowledgeable about the 5 best Oahu bodysurfing beaches is a must if you plan on visiting this tropical, carefree destination at a future date. From the challenging Makapu'u Beach to the daring Sandy Beach, there are many great places for bodysurfing in Oahu.

  1. Makapu’u Beach. The Makapu'u Beach is one of the best Oahu bodysurfing beaches. According to the University of Hawaii, Makapu’u Beach is the perfect beach for “experienced” bodysurfers as it features strong currents and an equally strong undertow. Along with boasting key requirements for bodysurfing, Makapu'u beach also features blue crystal clear waters, over-towering cliffs in the distance and tropically cool waters.  
  2. Pounders Beach. The naturally beautiful Pounders Beach is another one of the best Oahu bodysurfing beaches. According to the University of Hawaii, Pounders Beach is one of the most popular bodysurfing beaches on Oahu. If you want to beat the crowds, be sure to visit during a weekday morning when most people are either too busy with work or school.
  3. Ehukai Beach Park. The Ehukai Beach Park is the place to be if you’re an adventurous, risk taking type of guy. The National Healthy Beaches Campaign reports that Ehukai Beach is one of the world’s most famous surf sites, making it an excellent location for bodysurfing. According to Hawaii Beach Safety, traffic is very heavy everywhere on the north shore especially during the winter surf season, so be sure to steer clear of this place during the winter season if you don’t like crowds.
  4. Waimanalo Bay Beach. If you’re looking for the perfect family friendly bodysurfing beach, then look no further than Oahu’s very own Waimanalo Bay Beach. According to the National Healthy Beaches Campaign, this beach features a shallow sandbar at the water’s edge that provides good waves for bodysurfing and body boarding. This is a great place if you’re a beginner at the sport of bodysurfing.
  5. Sandy Beach. Sandy Beach is another one of the best Oahu bodysurfing beaches. The University of Hawaii reports that the currents on Sandy Beach can be quite strong, so it’s not recommended to go into the water unless you’re an experienced body surfer. If you’re not an experienced bodysurfer, steer clear of this place as it’s only for professional, experienced bodysurfers.


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