5 Best Offshore Bank Accounts

Curious about the 5 best offshore bank accounts? While there are a plethora of options to choose from, the usefulness of an offshore bank account is dependent upon the needs of the individual who is obtaining the account. There are many excellent reasons to bank offshore, and here are 5 excellent offshore banks for those who need to use them.

  1. The first offshore bank on the list is a Peruvian bank. Scotiabank of Peru offers a free debit card. The offshore private banking that many enjoy from this bank in Peru can be easy enough to obtain because this bank charges minimal fees.
  2. The Capital Conservator bank in Switzerland offers a private banking account. New laws have been passed since the Patriot Act that make it nearly impossible to obtain a banking account in Switzerland without having it reported to taxing authorities in the United States. On the other hand, they offer an excellent interest rate and the stability that Swiss banks are famous for. This makes it an excellent choice and one of the top 5 offshore banks.
  3. The next best offshore bank is CrediCorp bank in Panama. This offshore bank has excellent customer service and a great cash back program for its credit cards. Many of CrediCorp's account holders have reported quick service and extreme adherence to the privacy laws regarding their bank accounts.
  4. Abbey International Bank is the next bank to offer great offshore banking accounts. This bank offers excellent interest rates as well as the ability to access money easily and quickly. It offers a ten percent interest rate for direct deposits. This bank is excellent for those who will not need to touch their money until it reaches the point of maturity.
  5. The final bank on this list of the best offshore bank accounts is MMG Bank. MMG offers banking in English, friendly and professional service and had open banks with United States currency. Even though MMG Bank does follow privacy rules, they will break those rules to be in accordance with the Patriot Act.

Offshore banks are an excellent way to grow a portfolio and build personal wealth. Many people associate offshore banking with tax evasion and other crimes, but many offshore banks offer security and perks that make them an excellent choice for United States consumers. These top 5 banks offer great benefits and wonderful customer service.

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