5 Best Oklahoma City Thunder Players of All Time

The 5 best Oklahoma City Thunder players in their short history is not hard to figure out, though some would argue that the history should include Seattle Supersonic players. The Thunder/Sonics are a tale of two cities. And the Thunder have been a tale of two seasons as they go from bottom dweller in their first season to playoff team giving the Lakers a very strong challenge in 2010.

  1. Kevin Durant is the obvious top pick. The former University of Texas  had a spectacular third NBA season as he led the league in scoring. He scored 30.1 points per game and notched 25.0 per game in the playoffs. He may be the best player in the league next to LeBron James.
  2. Russell Westbrook is the glue that keeps this team together. This second year point guard with UCLA pedigree, averaged 16.1 per game. But more importantly he  averaged 8.0 assists per game this past all-star season. He will be an NBA all star for years to come.
  3. Jeff Green joined this franchise with Kevin Durant three years ago. He has made steady improvement each season. This Georgetown product averaged 15.1 points per game. That is slightly down from the first Thunder season but can be explained by the much improved team with greater team balance.
  4. Nick Collison does not get the same playing time as the three above but every team needs quality role players. Collison fits that need in the best Kurt Rambis sort of way. Coming off the bench, he does the dirty work that every improving team needs.
  5. James Harden, like Collison, is a spark off the bench. The Arizona State star brought energy to this team, averaging 9.9 points per game.

Die hard Seattle Supersonic fans will argue that the list should include Sonic franchise greats like Gary Payton, Jack Sikma, Shawn Kemp, Ray Allen and Lenny Wilkins. Sorry Sonic fans but this is the Thunder top five. The Sonic fans will have to wait until the NBA wises up and returns a team to that city that provides so many top NBA players.

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