5 Best Olympic Bobsledding Records

Looking for the 5 best Olympic bobsledding records? Olympic bobsledding records are a bit difficult to nail down because track differences and weather conditions make many aspects of bobsledding (and record keeping) unequal. As a matter of fact, the International Olympic Committee says bobsleigh times aren't eligible for Olympic records. The criteria we're using here to determine the 5 best Olympic bobsledding records are these: whether the athletes won the gold and whether the track and weather conditions were what most reasonable folk would consider average for the event.

  1. Olympic bobsleigh women's two-man event in Salt Lake City, Utah, 2002. Jill Bakken and Vonetta Flowers took the gold after two runs with a total time of just over a minute and a half (1:37.76). This was the first time women competed in an Olympic bobsledding event. This was also the first Team USA medal won in an Olympic bobsledding event since 1956.
  2. Olympic bobsleigh men's four-man event in Salt Lake City, Utah, 2002. Andre Lange, Kevin Kuske, Carsten Embach and Enrico Kuhn slide into the gold with a total time of 3:07.51 after four runs. Lange and Kuske also took gold in the two-man event, setting the pair on the path to eventual record-breaking fame in the sport.
  3. Olympic bobsleigh men's four-man event in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, 1984. East Germany takes the gold with a time of 3:20.22 after four runs in what was, by all accounts, a peaceful and successful run of winter games (the first Winter Olympic Games held in a communist state). The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was formally dissolved in 1992.
  4. Men's four-man bobsledding event in Vancouver, Canada, 2010. The event was actually held at the Whistler Sliding Centre in Whistler, British Columbia. Team USA captured the gold with a four-run total time of 3:24.46. Steve Holcomb, Steve Mesler, Curtis Tomasevicz and Justin Olsen made up the team that brought Olympic bobsledding gold home to the USA for the first time in 62 years.
  5. Men's four-man Olympic bobsledding event in Turin, Italy, 2006. Germany takes the gold again. Andre Lange, Kevin Kuske, Rene Hoppe and Martin Putze clocked a time of 3:40.42 at Cesana Pariol after four runs. That made three golds for Lange and Kuske at that point in their bobsledding careers. In the 2010 bobsleigh events, his last according to Lange, Lange took the gold in the two-man event and silvered in the four-man, finishing with a record four gold medals in Olympic bobsledding.


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