5 Best ‘One Tree Hill’ Actors

Looking for the 5 best "One Tree Hill" actors? The "One Tree Hill" actors are hot, hot, hot! "One Tree Hill" debuted in 2003 on the CW network. It was a teen/young adult coming-of-age drama. It has become a favorite among teens and even won a Teen Choice Award. The show met with some concern over cancellation after its seventh season, but it did return for an eighth season. The men of the show really make it great.

  1. Chad Michael Murray. Can we say hot? This 29-year-old actor has been a star on "One Tree Hill" and has made a name for himself in other roles. Chad plays Lucas Scott, a good boy and son. After a brief marriage to costar Sophia Bush, he is now engaged to another costar, Kenzie Dalton. He is a model-turned-actor and we are thankful for it! Even though he did not come back for season seven, he is a wonderful "One Tree Hill" actor.
  2. Paul Johansson is older, but still sexy!  He makes for one hot "One Tree Hill" actor! He plays Dan Scott on the show and, at 46 years of age, he proves age is nothing but a number. He has appeared in both commercials and film, most notably a Coke ad where he was a delivery truck driver. He is also known for staring in "Beverly Hills 90210."
  3. Lee Norris. Lee plays Marvin “Mouth” McFadden. Lee is best known for his role as Stuart Minkus in the '90s sitcom "Boy Meets World." He has gone from geek to chic! He graduated from Wake Forest University in 2004. In episode 312, he is holding a Wake Forest brochure before he heads into his school to speak to a counselor about college. He really adds something to "One Tree Hill" and is a wonderful actor.
  4. Antwon Tanner. Antwon plays Skills on the show. In the show he is the son of Chuck and Marion Taylor. He also takes a position as assistant coach for the Ravens. In reality, he graduated in 1993 and played a teen on "Coach Carter" at the age of 30! Antwon is a wonderful actor on the show.
  5. James Lafferty. James plays Nathan Scott. He's the handsome and egomaniacal star of the Ravens basketball team. From what is seen he has every right to have an ego on "One Tree Hill." He is one sexy actor. In reality, James played basketball for his high school team, the Bulldogs, and was an MVP. James loves acting on "One Tree Hill" and has already accomplished so much in his career.
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