5 Best Online Sex Sites

The 5 best online sex sites are, in a word, orgasmic! Simply stated, these are the only online sex sites you need if you have ever needed a quick and easy stimulation to get you to shoot your load off fast and furiously. These online sex sites are great if you want to skip the annoying aspect of relationships and courting women and, instead, would rather just use them as masturbation material.

  1. YouPorn. The best online sex site has just got to be YouPorn because of the sheer volume of aggressively in-your-face sex videos that you can watch from the safety and anonymity of your computer at home! Not to be confused with that useless site called YouTube, which, as you know, only shows useless videos of fully clothed people not having any kind of sexual interaction at all! YouPorn features all the smut and porn that you can handle, so you can rest easy when you stimulate yourself to ejaculation.
  2. 4tube. The second-best online sex site is 4tube, just for the fact alone that their videos only feature porn stars, not any of those inferior and contemptible "amateurs" that only do porn out of desperation once in a blue moon to, you know, cover the rent or for other necessary expenses! At 4tube it is just free video after free video of all your favorite porn stars, complete with all sexy tattoos, liberal inhibition and even some bruises that look like they could be from STDs. But you will not care for that when you are using only one hand, if you get the drift.
  3. Xhamster. The third-best online sex site is Xhamster, only because it features an actual cute and furry hamster as its logo. At Xhamster, you get a lot of porn that is of mixed quality, not just exclusively from porn stars. So, if you also like (in addition to watching and jerking off to porn that is professionally made) more grainy, amateur-made porn videos that also come from overseas (or just desperate Americans who love filming themselves in their own homes), then Xhamster is your online sex site.
  4. Tube8. The fourth-best online sex site is Tube8 because here you get an enormous amount of variety due to the mind-blowing quantity of porn categories they have to satisfy even your darkest, deepest desires of debauched willfulness. For instance, Tube8 features categories like teeny, tiny, little teens (do not worry, they are all over 18, at least that is what the site claims!) getting it on with much older men, celebrating their entry into womanhood by getting their teeny, nubile, super-hot bodies nailed in all sorts of arousing ways.
  5. Twilight Sex. Twilight Sex ought not to be confused with the Stephenie Meyer's series of lame novels about teenage vampires. Twilight Sex is another super-arousing online sex site if you have ever felt lonely, particularly vulnerable or just needed to masturbate your stress away. Like all the online sex sites on this list, the videos here are all free and last at least more than five minutes, so be sure to pace yourself while you are jerking away.