5 Best Oral Sex Positions

What are the 5 best oral sex positions to satisfy women every time? Women like having oral sex as much as men. So you men out there need to keep this in mind. If you want your partner to give you great oral sex then you better be prepared to give as good as you get. There are 5 different oral sex positions that make women feel great and come back wanting more. Listed below you will find 5 best oral sex positions that will please any woman. Just remember, give as much as you'd expect to get and she will return the favor.

  1. Sitting on the counter top. Have your female partner sit on a counter top with her legs apart. This gives you access to take care of business. It also allows her to watch as you perform oral sex on her. That is just as thrilling for her as it is you.
  2. Lay flat on your back. Lay flat on your back in bed and have her squat over your face. This gives you total access to do as you please. Plus it will give her the freedom to watch and move as she sees fit.
  3. Mutual oral sex position 69. Yes this is an old oral sex position but it works great. Both can lay on your your sides or on top of one another. This allows you to concentrate and be in synch with each other.
  4. Have her stand up. Have her stand up with her feet apart and you kneeling in front of her. This allows her to feel like she is dominating you and you are bending to her will and doing what she wants you to do. Give her that satisfaction and you will be thanking yourself later.
  5. Pie in the sky. Have your female partner lay flat on the bed and lift her butt up and throw her legs back toward her head. This enables you to look straight down to her vagina. It will give you great access to make her feel amazing.
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