5 Best OTC Medicines For Fever Body Aches & Cough

What are the 5 best OTC medicines for fever body aches & cough?  A dreaded bout with the flu can stop you in your tracks.  From bone tingling fever induced chills, to the achy joints and the sleep stopping cough, viruses will send even the strongest looking for some symptom relief!    What over the counter medicines should you reach for the next time you feel a virus overtaking you? 

  1. Nyquil has battled cold and flu symptoms for years.  In addition to fighting off fever, body aches, and cough Nyquil offers some relief from sneezing as well.  Even if the virus is a fairly severe strain, the ingredientos of the original Nyquil night time formula may at least help you sleep through some of the cold and flu misery.  Nyquil is also available in a daytime formula that helps control the fever, aches, coughs and other symptoms without the drowsy side effects.
  2. Theraflu’s soothing tea like formula seems less medicinal as it fights flu symptoms.  Theraflu comes in a number of varieties and formulas. Be sure to select one that will aggressively fight a severe flu virus.   Theraflu is available in both a night time formula containing ingredients to encourage sleep and in a non-drowsy daytime formula. 
  3. Alka Seltzer Plus Cold and Cough tackles congestion and fever as well offering pain relief and cough suppression.   If you are sensitive to aspirin, read the package ingredients carefully as some Alka Seltzer Plus varieties use aspirin for pain relief and fever reducing rather than acetaminophen.   Formulas without an antihistamine will be less likely to cause drowsiness for daytime use. 
  4. Tylenol Cold Multi Symptom Nightimehelps relieve a host of cold and flu symptoms.  Tylenol products use the power of acetaminophen to fight fever, body aches and headaches—while included decongestants and cough suppressants attack other symptoms.  Tylenol Cold products are available in both night time and non-drowsy formulas. 
  5. Sudafed Cold and Cough products help relieve cold and flu symptoms.  Sudafed has long been known for its use in sinus and congestion treatment.  Recent multi-symptom formulas use acetaminophen as the active pain relief and fever reducer combined with decongestants and cough suppressants for symptom relief.

As with any over the counter medication, you should check with your primary doctor before using to prevent any prescription medication interaction or complications with other existing medical conditions.

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